Why does Netflix Portray Muslim Women as Opressed?

Have you seen the new trailer for Cuties from Netflix? It's about an 11 year old Muslim girl who disobeys her family in order to join a twerking competition.  Yes you read that right, an 11 year old girl who wants to twerk for competition.

Netflix- Cuties

This film is not an insult to modestly dressing women but to children as well. Through this film Netflix is promoting the idea that liberation for girls is dressing a certain way, acting a certain way, and being openly sexualized by the public.

The filmmaker states that this film was created to to show the dangers of the sexualization of children, but that makes no sense.  Why would you sexualize children in order to stop the sexualization of children?

This film and many more are the reason that we need positive role models for our girls to follow. 

Modesty isn't oppressive and is liberating for me. It's liberating to me knowing that prying eyes can't look at me, it gives me a choice, it gives me a shield. What does modesty make you feel?