Our Story

recycle clothes

We are a small Muslim family owned online hijab shop founded in the USA. We noticed that many Islamic fashion brands offer great products yet aren't conscious to factory conditions, shipping materials or sourcing of the fabrics. We at Privé Hijab realize that we need to be conscious of what goes into our scarves from when the materials are sourced all the way until they’re in your hands.

We are a people over profits company. What this means is that we donate a significant portion of our profits to charitable organizations every quarter. Have a nomination? Email us!

After over a year of sourcing and researching different facilities and sources we are excited to offer a product that originates from ethical sources, made by skilled high paid labor in suitable conditions and is long lasting so they won’t add to our issue of low quality goods filling up landfills.

We use non-GMO cotton, recycled and rescued materials that would have ended up in landfills, we try our best to make sure our sources are as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible. Our phase one plan is underway, we can't wait to show you what's to come in phase two of our journey. We aim to become more and more ethical and Eco-friendly as we grow and have access to sources to do so. We're excited for this journey and excited that you'll join us on this road.

We even use compostable mailers, tissue paper made of recycled materials and carbon offset our shipping!

Due to us being anti-fast fashion we don't hold crazy sales to push inventory. We only want you to buy what you want when you want. That means no Black-Friday sales, no Labor Day sales, etc. We only have one main Eid sale a year.